Case studies are used to present your design, product or service in details to give your audience an inside into your thinking and process behind the project.

Hey designer, my name is Alex and in this class we are going to cover: 

  • What are case studies
  • Elements to include
  • Creating structure
  • Awesome examples
  • Content writing
  • Presentation tips

Having a solid case study for your project will allow you to present to to the clients you want to attract, and communicate your value in the language they will understand. 

Looking forward to seeing you in class, and let's create some awesome case studies!

Have a creative day!


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Aleksandar Cucukovic

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My name is Aleksandar and for the last 10 years i have designed websites, products and apps for different companies, big and small. With my wife i have started 3 startup companies and for the last five years i have created over 500 design products, improved the lives and workflows of over 100.000 designers from around the world.

Now my mission is to improve the lives of others, and so far over 50.000 students from all over the world have enrolled in my courses.

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