Working with typography is one of the areas where young designers struggle because they don't know where to start.

Learning the basics can really help you along and put you on the right path when it comes to typography and use cases in your future career.

Hey designer, my name is Alex and in this class we will cover: 

  • Typefaces VS Fonts
  • Different font types
  • Font weights and how to use them
  • Choosing fonts for your projects
  • How to pair fonts
  • Create custom font scales

Typography is an essential part of every design so when you get it right, half of the work is done up front. So I look for to see you in class and let's learn typography.

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Aleksandar Cucukovic

About Your Teacher

My name is Aleksandar and for the last 10 years i have designed websites, products and apps for different companies, big and small. With my wife i have started 3 startup companies and for the last five years i have created over 500 design products, improved the lives and workflows of over 100.000 designers from around the world.

Now my mission is to improve the lives of others, and so far over 50.000 students from all over the world have enrolled in my courses.

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